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Just visit our stacks page on this site.You’ll get a brief description of what each stack can do. Click on „Stacks Manuals” - choose a stack and you’ll see a detailed manual (examples included). If a problem occurs while designing your website, please first visit our support page for the answer.

iDSIGN Stacks Support

Do you have a problem or a conflict with on of my stacks? Read first this FAQ page before mailing your questions to me, the answer can be simple and allready asked a few times. You can also contribute your solution concerning a conflict or trick on one of my stacks over here: Contribute a FAQ. Want to know more info about the stack - is the stack ready to use in the latest rapidweaver version - on with platforms does the stack work ... click on the i (info) button inside each "stack introduction" block on the "stack" page.

Trigger a Xpander button to open with a selfmade link

This example will show you a link that triggers the thirth xpander button. So iif you hit the link this xpander will close and the thirth will open: OPEN THIRTH XPANDER

You can trigger a xpander by making a link and opening the RW link inspector, for the url use: # and add a custom atribute with name: onclick and value: stacks.JQuery('#Xpander1Button2').click(); return false;
What you have to change in the script is ('#Xpander"REPLACE 1 WITH YOUR ORIGINAL XPANDER ID"Button"CHOOSE WHICH BUTTON TO TRIGGER, START COUNTING WITH 0 - SO 0=BUTTON 1, 1=BUTTON2 AND SO ON'). So in this case my Orininal Xpander ID was 1 and i triggerd my thirth xpander (set to 2 because counting start at 0)

Stacks Image 975
Conflicts with other stacks

First a good and sensible advise concerning the use of script based stack: DON'T use to many script based stacks on one page, it slows down your page load, the risk on conflicts is higher and last but not least: many effects on one page does not make your website or page more attractive.
Secondly: conflicts can also appear on a empty page if your theme is not well build or just isn't compatible with the stack. On this case you may think the stack is not working well or well build but in fact it's the theme that blocks the performance of the stack.
Thirdtly: A solution to a conflict with a stack can sometimes easely solved by repositioning the stacks if possible.

Center PopUp at start or on click

If you want the popup be centered when you click on a link, insert the following code in the link inspector:
name: onclick
value: $('#popup2').mb_open(); stacks.jQuery('#popup2').mb_centerOnWindow();
(replace the 2 behind the popup with your popup id !!)


With this script you can trigger the popup to center on mouse click (drop/paste this script in a html stack)
<a href="#" id="open" onclick="stacks.jQuery('#popup1').mb_centerOnWindow(); ">Open PopUp 1</a>

Open the popup on page enter (drop this script in the page inspector - header - header) and change popup1 to popup2 or whatever popup you want to center
<script type="text/javascript">stacks.jQuery.noConflict();stacks.jQuery(document).ready(function($) {$('#popup1').mb_centerOnWindow();});</script>

I Click on a button (internal link) and the page scrolls to the top

What you can do in this case is to add "return false" in your link panel after a # (to trigger for example a Magic Box without scrolling to the top before the Magic Box appear). URL --> # onclick="return false;" This can be used in many cases - just try it and look at the result. I used it on my "Stacks" page to trigger a Magic Box (click on the green Info button).

How can i trigger the latest MANUAL !

If you click on a stack inside the stacks elements window (where all of your stacks are located) you'll see the stack you selected also appearing on the bottom of this window, on the right side you'll see a little selectbox/arrow. If you click on this arrow and select "Show Web Help" you'll get the latest manual !!
("Show Web Info" will redirect you to my website)

Stacks Image 999
PagePeel doesn't work in preview mode ?

If your pagepeel (FLASH based stack) doesn't work in preview mode you have to see if you gave permission to rapidweaver to view flash movies in preview mode. You can find more information over here:
It's also possible you have to include Jquery (even if you have allready loaded jquery) because jquery has to be loaded on a particular place for this stack to work.

Visit the Store to order stacks. Each transaction is performed securely through PayPal.
Subsequent adjustments are free for those who have purchased the stack.
This page has been build with the "Sliding panel" and inside the "Button Wizard" stack (see on the left side of the window). For the main content i used the "Fancy Banner" and "Button Wizard" stack (ScrollBox and iframe lightbox not included)