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Just visit our stacks page on this site.You’ll get a brief description of what each stack can do. Click on „Stacks Manuals” - choose a stack and you’ll see a detailed manual (examples included). If a problem occurs while designing your website, please first visit our support page for the answer.

Miscellaneous Info

First visit our support page before asking for support ! The answer could be asked a few times. If so the answer will be placed on the support page. Questions about the stack you bought can also be find if you click on the small button on the bottom from your HUD pannel, choose "Show web help"i, this link wil redirect you to an online manual

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Features that are not included in the stack can be mailed as a suggestion to build in, those mails will not be responded (this does not mean that we ignore it! each suggestion will be taken seriously). If you don't receive a respons to your mail, it means that the question can be found on the support page or the manual from the stack. Read the manual carefully (mistakes in the manual are allways possible, i appreciate if you mention them - choose "about the manual"). You can also share your solution concerning a idsign stack for the Rapid Weaver community (choose "share a solution"). We will check your idea or solution and place it on the "Support" page. I have allready posted some off my solutions on this page.

Contact iDSIGN for support

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